P & C Association

Holgate P&C Association's major priority is our children, their education and the environment in which they learn. We encourage everyone to be involved in the P&C to find out how it works to better the school facilities and environment. The P&C organises events throughout the year to help raise funds but also to provide opportunities to socialise with other families at the school. We work hand in hand with the school to ensure all of our fundraising efforts are used in the area they are most needed.

Over many years the partnership between our P&C and school has achieved many improvements. In the last few years we have made the following improvements for our school:

  • New interactive smartboards
  • New computers and network upgrades
  • Computer chairs for staff and children
  • Roofing for the COLA (Covered Outdoor Learning Area)
  • Air conditioning in all classrooms and the library
  • Large portable shade shelters
  • CD players, whiteboards, big book display work centres to classrooms
  • Improved school grounds
  • New PSSA (Public School Sports Association) soccer shirts
  • Financially supported environmental programs
  • Canteen upgrades and new equipment
  • Storage Room/Audio Visual Room in school hall
  • New playground equipment

Please lend a hand and support your Class Representative and the P&C to make each fundraising events successful. 

Our P&C Association meetings are held on the first Monday of each month at 7.00pm in the staffroom. Occasionally dates will change due to other school activities, these changes will always be advertised in the weekly School Newsletter. All are welcome. 

Don't forget that any donation made to the building fund is TAX DEDUCTIBLE. Donations can be made payable to Holgate P&C Building Fund or for Direct Deposit details contact the school. 

2018 P & C Executives

President: Richard Aichinger

Vice President: Nicole Marjoribanks

Secretary: Peita Mazaroli and David Gurr

Treasurer: Evelyn Dywer